Master of Theology

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Midwest College of Theology offers a unique opportunity for students who want to pursue their education without having to worry about secular accreditation. We offer a variety of programs that will help you grow in your faith and become more equipped for ministry work. Our degree programs are designed with the student’s needs in mind, so we can provide an excellent learning experience that is both affordable and accessible.

If you want to learn more about how God works through His people, our degree program might be right for you! We have several different options available depending on what kind of career path or ministry field interests you most. You won’t find another school like ours anywhere else—we promise! And if there’s anything we can do better, please let us know because we always strive to improve our services based on feedback from our students. Let us help make your dreams come true today by signing up for one of our many courses online or at one of our campuses near where you live!

Why should you seek out a higher theological education?

THE BIBLE is a book of guidance. It tells us how to live our lives and be happy, while it also warns against going astray so you can avoid being punished in hellfire for all eternity!

The Bible contains timeless wisdom which has been tested throughout time by people who would not lie or make things up; this makes the scriptures accurate based on what happened when they were actually wrote down centuries ago (Mark 13:31).

Our Degree Programs are designed to equip students with the tools necessary for ministry. If you are only interested in pursuing a career within the church, secular accreditation may not be required or desired by your respective religious denomination; both will accept quality Christian education regardless of which group it comes from so long as there has been an “appropriate” level(s) attained due consideration given towards spiritual growth and maturity during these years spent learning about God’s word firsthand through classes offered at Midwest College Theology!

Degree Program & Requirements

There are 180-course credits required to earn an Master of Theology.

Tuition is $2,130. – $104. per Lesson, $3,524. If paid in full

Financing details are available on the on the next page. To see them, please apply.

Master of Theology

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